Red Cross Service Centers Open in Tennessee

February 11, 2008

 Trained Interviewers to Meet With Clients and Provide Emergency Assistance

Gallatin, TN, February 10, 2008 – The American Red Cross, in its continuing efforts to assist the victims of the tornados, will open Red Cross Service Centers in various locations throughout the affected areas of Tennessee. The centers will be located at the following sites:

Hickory Hill Community Center
3920 Ridgeway
Memphis, TN 38115
Hours: 9am-12pm

Old Sears Store
329 Highway 52 Bypass East
Lafayette, TN 37083
Hours: 8am-6pm

Jackson Area Chapter
1981 Hollywood Drive, Suite 100
Jackson, TN 38305
Hours: 9am-5pm

Fairview, TN
2714 Fairview Blvd
Fairview, TN 32062
Hours: 8am-6pm

Centerville United Methodist Church
103 College Street
Centerville, TN 37033
Hours: 9am-4pm

Hartsville Aid Station
303 E. Main St.
Hartsville, TN 37074
Hours: 8am-8pm

Starting today, February 11, 2008, these service centers will be open to individuals or families who live in the affected areas and need assistance.

At the service center, each individual or family will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a trained interviewer to help determine needs and provide urgently needed assistance. Assistance may include providing them with the means to pay for what they need most — from groceries, new clothing, and rent to emergency home repairs, transportation, household items, medicines, and tools. Red Cross may also be able to refer victims to other agencies which can assist with their needs.

Individuals or families who apply to the Red Cross for assistance must bring with them some form of identification showing their address, as proof that they lived in the area affected by the disaster.

There is absolutely no charge for any Red Cross disaster assistance. All disaster assistance is free — a gift from the American people. No repayment is required or expected.

Disaster victims who–because of age, physical difficulty, or similar reasons–cannot come to a Red Cross Service Center, may also use the Red Cross Hotline to request assistance.

To obtain information about Red Cross assistance for disaster victims, call the Red Cross Hotline at 1-866-GET-INFO. TDD 1-800-526-1417 for hearing impaired callers.

Red Cross Salutes Middle Tennessee Corporations Helping Our Neighbors

February 11, 2008

NASHVILLE (February 11, 2008) – In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that took lives, damaged and in many cases destroyed homes in Middle Tennessee, the Nashville Area Red Cross is working quickly to raise funds for the relief effort. 

The American Red Cross is committed to providing disaster victims with emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing and shelter and financial assistance is the most effective way to meet the needs of the affected communities. Middle Tennessee corporate citizens are providing the lead gifts to the fund-raising efforts for the tornado relief effort. 

The Memorial Foundation has already committed $200,000; Nissan North America is donating $120,000; and Dollar General has pledged to give $100,000 towards the tornado relief efforts.  

“Whenever a disaster like this strikes our community the Memorial Foundation feels the responsibility to step up to respond by helping the Red Cross to help those families who have lost everything,”  said J.D. Elliot, President of the Memorial Foundation. 

Tennessee is our home so we felt a responsibility to help our neighbors,” said Dominique Thormann, Nissan North America’s senior vice president, administration and finance. “As a corporation, we are committed to helping the communities in which we live and work especially in time of need.”

“Everyone at Dollar General is saddened by the tragedy and devastation caused by the recent tornadoes,” said Rick Dreiling, Dollar General’s CEO. “We support the efforts of the Red Cross to help the victims recover and rebuild their lives.”   To provide further assistance, Dollar General is accepting donations to the Red Cross tornado disaster relief effort in all of its stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee through February 22. To find the store location nearest you, visit  

With the continued support of community partners such as Dollar General, the Memorial Foundation and Nissan North America, the Nashville Area Red Cross should be able to raise the funds required to meet the immediate emergency needs of all the families affected and help them on the long road to recovery.  

Mississippi Update

February 8, 2008

Disaster assessment should be completed today, but casework is expected to continue throughout the weekend in Mississippi at the service center.

Service Center
North Oxford Baptist Church
County Road 101
Oxford, MS

Nearly 28 homes have been destroyed with at least 20 more sustaining major or minor damage throughout Lafayette, Tippah and Alcorn Counties.

Tornado Photos

February 8, 2008

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Alabama News Release: Walker County

February 8, 2008

BIRMINGHAM, February 8, 2008 –American Red Cross volunteers and staff continue to support clean-up and recovery efforts in the Walker County area following this week’s deadly storms. The Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) is providing food and snacks in the affected areas throughout the day on Friday and Saturday morning.

The service delivery site for individuals and families needing assistance will be open until 6pm Friday. It is stationed at the Oakman Senior Center located at 8250-Market Street Oakman, AL.

We need your help to inform people affected by the disaster that the Oakman Senior Center is the central location to receive Red Cross assistance.

Red Cross caseworkers are working to assist the remaining families affected by the tornadoes. Anyone needing assistance as a result of the storms is asked to meet with a caseworker at the Oakman Senior Center through today or call (205) 458-8282 over the weekend to set up an appointment with the Walker County Red Cross Service Center located at 1902 Corona Avenue, Jasper, Alabama.

Members of the Alabama media who would like to cover volunteers in the ERV assisting the affected area can contact Chris Osborne, Public Affairs Officer at (205) 966-8795.

Fundraising update from Tennessee

February 8, 2008

Channel 10, WBIR-TV and the American Red Cross partnered together on Thursday, February 7th for a promotion to help provide relief to people affected by the tornadoes.

Last night’s phone bank, promoted by Channel 10 during their Style, Live at Five, and 10 News segments, raised over $7,200.

Thanks go out to Channel 10, Meteorologist Julya Johnson, and the volunteers who helped answer phones.

Volunteer Update from Tennessee

February 8, 2008

Volunteers from Knoxville
One more volunteer is leaving Knoxville today to travel to middle Tennessee, bringing the total of local Red Cross volunteers in the area to seven.

Five of the volunteers are Knox County residents, one is from Union County, and one is from Roane County.

  • Three of the volunteers are serving in Mass feeding and sheltering
  • Two are serving in Disaster Assessment
  • One is a nurse in Health Services
  • One is a Mental Health counselor